Friday, August 18, 2017


A female fan melts Alan Tam with her passion
Nat Chan, Wong Hung Sau, Edmond So, Sam Hui, Remus Choy, Alan Tam
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God Song Sam Hui Koon Kit and Principal Alan Tam Wing Lun's Hong Kong Coliseum concert reached its sixth show two nights ago and continued to attract many guests, including Nat Chan Pak Cheung and wife Wong Hung Sau, Edmond So Chi Wai, Remus Choy Yat Kit, Lily Ho Ngo Yi and Vincent Kok Tak Siu.

Alan ran into a super passionate fan. The fan first shook his hand, Alan saw how passionate she was and invited her to the stage. The fan then took the chance to attack as she hug and kissed him. Sam while performing PAPER BOAT received two leopard print paper boats from fans. He could not be happier. The concert today and tomorrow will have special matinee shows. Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui suggested for five food trucks to be at the Coliseum plaza for a simple food festival.


Lillian Chan
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The film THE HITMAN'S BODYGUARD two nights ago held a Hong Kong premiere. Michelle Wai Sze Nga, Bryant Mak Chi Lok, Hanjin Tan (Chan Woon Yan), Albert Yeung Sau Sing and his wife attended. Wai Sze Nga recently participated in an action film and had to learn how to hold a gun in class. She said that actually firing a gun was very loud. She was so frightened that she wanted to back out. However the crew praised her guts after the shot, actually she was stunned from fright. After the shoot her finger hurt for a week. Would she have any sexy performance? Sze Nga said that lately she has been more conservative, not to mention that everyone knew she had no natural figure.

Mak Chi Lok recently has been busy with the film TOP FEMALE FORCE (WONG PAI BA WONG FA). He got a tan and worked out to handle his fight scene with Mandy Ho Pui Man. However they would accidentally hit each other and he apologized. After this experience Chi Lok had more respect for action actors.


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Michael Chow opens a Shengjian Bao shop and is not afraid of competition from Oscar Siu
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Michael Chow Man Kin opened a Shengjian Bao shop in Tin Hau. Yesterday the new shop officially opened. Michael this time with friends invited over HK$ 1.5 million on the new shop and planned to open another in Mongkok. Speaking of Oscar Siu Yun Bong's success with his Shengjian Bao shop, was he worried about the competition? He said, "Everyone had different taste, should no one open a burger shop with McDonald's around? You can provide different choices to the public."

After 18 years away from the film industry, Michael revealed that later he will participate in the Philip Yung Tsz Kwong directed new film. In it he will play four great inspectors with Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Patrick Tam Yiu Man. Michael said that Yung Tsz Kwong saw his car commercial and immediately invited him to perform. Although he did not have much of an acting bug, this time he ran into a good script and thus he agreed to perform.

After years away from film, was he worried that he would not be used to it? He said, "No, people grow up. In addition I become handsome and stable. With more life experience, the acting will be better too."

Speaking of old flame Shirley Kwan Suk Yi's guilty plea to assault, Michael said that they have lost contact for years. He joked, "If I make a kung fu film, I can get her for the fight scenes."


Joey Yung also attends the dinner with Liza Wang and Kenny Bee

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Anita Yuen happily poses with Jackie Chan and settles their grudge
Jackie Chan presents Anita Yuen with a ruler of the film
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Jackie Chan and Anita Yuen Wing Yi settled their 22 year long grudge. Len Len yesterday posted a photo with Jackie Chan. "The outside has always rumored that I was the female star who upset Big Brother Jackie Chan. Last night thanks to (Eric) Tsang Chi Wai's arrangement, I finally learned the truth. Thank you, Big Brother Jackie Chan for forgiving my past mistake. Actuallhy he already made some gifts for me a long time ago. I am truly very touched! Big Brother! Thank you! I would continue to be a good actress!"

Len Len revealed that she was the new female star that Jackie Chan criticized anonymously. Jackie Chan mentioned in an interview that he was upset at a female star's work attitude and "arrogance". Jackie Chan after working on the film with her wanted her to record two more lines but he could not find her. Jackie Chan was upset and even reported the matter to the Performing Artist Guild. Yuen Wing Yi worked with Jackie Chan on the film THUNDERBOLT (PIK LIK FOR) in 1995. Since then they never worked together again. This time Chi Wai arranged a dinner for Len Len and Jackie Chan to meet. 22 years later Jackie Chan's rage vanished. Two nights ago he even prepared a memorable gift for Len Len as he turned film into a ruler.


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DaDa Chan will get rough with Philip Keung
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New film DIN YING CHI HONG (FILM FANATIC) yesterday started production. New director Chui Chi Yiu, actors Philip Keung Ho Man, Fish Liew (Liu Chi Yu), Endy Chow Kwok Yin and DaDa Chan Jing attended.

Hak Jai played the lead for the first time. He admitted that he was very anxious about having to "carry the heavy load" for the first time. Now he finally learned to adjust. He revealed that now he has four films on hand, one of which will be shot in the Mainland. Thus he will have to commute, despite the hardship it will still be a type of motivation. In DIN Hak Jai played an Alzheimer's Disease patient. He felt that amnesia and insanity was close, so he had to put more effort into grasping the precise performance. Liu Chi Yu also said that she was very happy to work with Brother Hak because she already watched his performance at age 2. Their relationship in the film was mysterious. She even hoped to be able to sing the theme song with Brother Hak.

DaDa will play an officer worker and be paired with Chow Kwok Yin. However because her boyfriend is immature she projects her rage onto her cousin Keung Ho Man with punches and kicks. DaDa joked that she was looking forward to this film. DaDa did not look much different, she revealed that during the period she went on vacation with her family. She also studied in England and Japan. Actually the director asked her to put on light make up and even without make up. Yesterday she only had eye liners and light make up so she would feel a little more real.


Ben Sir, Bianca Wu, Luk Ho Ming
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Ben Sir works with Donnie Yen on a school film
Ben Sir just recently celebrates his 50th birthday in Taiwan and guest stars in a few films.
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Benjamin Auyeung Wai Ho (Ben Sir) yesterday attended an event. He revealed that he just returned to Hong Kong from celebrating his 50th birthday in Taiwan. Friends prepared a surprise party for him. Ben Sir said, "My birthday wish is to improve myself." Speaking of taking movie roles recently, he said, "I guest starred in several movies. As for what I would take the lead, I am passive. Only do I play minor roles well would I have even more opportunities."

Ben Sir revealed that the upcoming release NEVER TOO LATE (OI CHING LO DAI SAU) played a lazy cop. Samantha Ko Hoi Ning did not slap him, but he was involved in a kidnapping. As for his recent post of a photo with Donnie Yen Chi Tan, he revealed, "Now I am working on a school film with Yen Chi Tan. Both Chi Tan and I are teachers. I won't need to fight, I only know that it will be a Hong Kong film. My part is pretty funny." Ben Sir said that his film work is slowing progressing. He hoped that the audience would like him more and more and he would have more and more supporters. He would gladly try different things, but he might not consider any nude or deranged characters.

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Alex Fong Lik Sun pleads with Samantha Ko, who slaps him 19 times
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The Alex Fong Lik Sun and Samantha Ko Hoi Ning starred new film yesterday released its trailer. In it Ko Ling on the streets of Causeway Bay slapped boyfriend Siu Fong 19 times while he was pleading on his knees. Referred to as "slave beast" Siu Fong said that everyone only saw the the surface, not when he whipped Ko Ling and when she beg on her knees on glass. As he continued to talk about his "glorious history", Ko Ling called and all the arrogance disappeared. "Concert tickets? I am going to get them now!" The audience learned that he actually was "comforting himself".

Ko Ling said that the "beast taming" scene was very stressful. "The director asked for it to be realistic, I had to look like I was hitting Siu Fong very hard. However having to slap him so many times, I really was afraid that I would hurt him. So I was more nervous than enjoying it! Finally one time my finger nail scratched his noses! I really was super sorry!" While in the film she was an expert of slapping people, in real life she should be an expert among experts? She said that she has never slapped anyone in real life. "So during rehearsal I would crack up, but I know I would have no chance for a bad take . During the shoot I had to hypnotize myself to be in character, as I kept telling myself, 'I am a Sassy Girl' to be able to successfully finish this scene!"

Siu Fong said that the director's "slave beast" shoot was a "set up" and "excessive". He not only had to kneel on the streets of Causeway Bay but also being slapped in front of everyone. Speaking of being slapped, he said that he only felt "super awkward". Only after the shoot did he discover the scratches on his face.